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To συνολικό βάρος της παραγγελίας σας ξεπερνάει τα όρια εξυπηρέτησης απο μεταφορική εταιρία ή Courier To συνολικό βάρος της παραγγελίας σας μπορεί να εξυπηρετηθεί μόνο απο μεταφορική εταιρία

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About us

Ideales Group is 100% Greek
and is the largest constructor of private and commercial swimming pools
(Piscines Ideales | the eco pool®)

Moreover the Group offers the Ideales Spa series for hydrotherapy and hydromassage (Ideales Spa). The Group is actively expanding in the construction industry through Ideales Constructions as well as in the high end luxury travel market through the multi award-winning Ideales Resort.

Our mission is to elevate your everyday enjoyment advocating a new way of life

full of energy, fun, relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure! Welcome to the Ideales World, discover the source of vitality, youth and exhilaration. Read on Ideales Blog about the countless benefits of swimming and enjoy every moment of your new Ideales lifestyle.

Choose among simple solutions for the well-being of yourself, your family's and loved ones':


Get your own beautiful commercial or private Piscines Ideales | the eco pool®,

which offers innovative technologies, quality and value that deservedly earned its reputation as the No. 1 choice for more than 34 years.


The pleasure starts today with your own advanced Ideales Spa.

Enjoy all the benefits of hydrotherapy in the most unique way, or take advantage of the unlimited possibilities it can offer to your business.


Ideales Construction,

designs and constructs exciting private and commercial pools, holiday residences and buildings, based entirely on your individual needs!


If you are a demanding traveler

Ideales Resort is the perfect place for you. Twelve independent luxury villas with swimming pools in Kefalonia, which were completed in 2009 will offer you a unique holiday experience.

The vision
that drives us

  • To strive for continuous progress and improvement
  • To respect people and the environment
  • To let satisfied Customers and Employees stand as testament to our success.

so that Ideales sets the business standard.

Our unique mission is

To reliably provide special moments of pleasure, well-being and relaxation that last.

Our values

Our everyday work
is based on 7 core values


We foster honest relationships with colleagues, customers and partners, regardless of any personal cost.


We aim at customer service excellence. We abide by our commitments with speed and consistency.


We value each member of the team for their contribution towards achieving a common goal. Our motto is “the sum is greater than its parts."


We encourage equality amongst our team members. We respect each and every colleague and offer our support in every hurdle. We respect and protect the environment.


We pay utmost attention to detail, aiming to constantly improve the quality of our services and avoid repeating mistakes and omissions.


We act with due regard for honesty in personal relationships and a deep sense of morality towards society as a whole.


We strive for continuous improvement and excellence, aspiring to perfection. Thus, we become more effective and achieve better results.

Ideales Group
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Cookies Policy

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Privacy Policy


Our Company treats your personal data protection with responsibility and we believe that these data should be collected and processed only when it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, this website, in the context of which our online store is hosted, is designed with the appropriate technical and operational systems according to the applicable European and Greek legislation regarding data protection {mainly General Data Protection Regulation EU 679/2016 (hereinafter “Regulation” or “GDPR”) and Law 4624/2019}.

The present Privacy Policy has been adopted by company under the name “PISCINES IDEALES S.A. CONSTRUCTION & TRADE" with the distinctive title “PISCINES IDEALES SA”, (hereinafter called “Company”), with its registered office at Pefki, Athens, 18 Davaki str., tel. 210-6148430, email:, which is the Controller of the personal data that you provide us with and which is responsible for providing you with all the necessary information for its processing, in accordance with articles 12, 13 and 14 of the GDPR.

1. What is considered as Personal Data?

Personal Data is any information that relates to you, or may be attributed to you and allows us to identify you. Such data is, for example, your name, surname, father’s name, address, postal code, city, country, prefecture, region, telephone number, cell phone number, fax, email etc. Additionally, Personal Data also includes some technical data relating to you, such as your IP address or the websites from which you entered our site.

2. Personal Data collected by Company and purposes of its processing

Collection and processing of your personal data and details related to you takes place on the one hand for purposes directly related to the operation of our online store and for the sale of our products to you upon your order or/and on the other hand for purposes for which you have granted your explicit consent. 
The personal data we collect include only necessary information we need for the operation of our online store, your registration as a member and the provision of our products to you, the order processing and any further requests and delivery of the products to you.
Accordingly, we retain your personal data as long as you are registered as members to our online store, as well as for the necessary period of time for the provision of our products to you and for our compliance with our obligations required under the law.
Our online store neither collects any special category of personal data according to the applicable Regulation, such as data related to your health condition, the alleged commission or conviction of criminal offences, nor personal data related to persons under the age of 16.
In particular, our online store collects and processes personal data and details in the following cases:

2.1 At the time of your entry and navigation in our online store

For the navigation in our online store, your registration as a member is not required, therefore neither the provision of your personal data nor other details about you to our Company.
At the time of your entry and navigation in our online store as a guest, our servers may record technical data regarding your device and the network from which you enter, including your IP address. IP address is a series of numbers that recognizes your computer and is generated when you use the Internet. Your IP address may be used to compile anonymous statistics regarding the use of our online store and the investigation of security issues.

2.2 At the time of your registration as a member in our online store

For your registration as a member in our online store, it is essential for you to provide us with and for our Company to collect the personal data which allow your identification and communication with our online store.
In particular, when you are registered, you are invited to fill in the relevant fields of a registration form for New Customers with your name, your contact details (telephone and address), your email address (email), which will be used by our online store to send confirmation emails, the fulfillment and processing of your orders, as well as the data for your entry in the future, namely your username and password.
This information is collected and processed by our Company in order to create your own account as a member of our online store, through which you can place your orders, monitor their progress and see the history of them.

2.3 At the time of the placement of your order or any requests related to it

For the placement of your order and the execution of your purchases from our online store, it is necessary for you to complete the relevant Order Form with your personal data and then for our Company to collect them. Specifically:

  • the shipping address (street, number, area, postal code)
  • your contact details and the location where your pool is located.
  • the necessary information for the invoicing process according to the invoicing method you have chosen (VAT number, tax authority, profession, etc.)

You may be also asked to divulge your personal data by email, in cases where you wish either to contact us in order to ask a question about specific products or the operation of our online store or to make a request for a change of products or refund or to complain and resolve any issues regarding your navigation in our online store.

These data are collected and processed by Company for the purpose of complying with (i) our contractual obligations under the sale contract of the products selected from you through our online store, (ii) the provisions of the Law and tax provisions for invoicing and record keeping, (iii) the shipping and delivery of the products to the address you have indicated, and (iv) to answer questions or requests that you have submitted and addressed to our Company.

2.4 At the time of the payment of your order

Our Company does not collect and store your credit or debit card details, when the payment of your order is made through our online store by using a credit or debit card. 
For safety reasons regarding your electronic transactions with our online store by credit or debit cards, our Company uses for their execution an internationally recognized and certified electronic payment system.

2.5 For the purpose of sending updates and promotional offers

After your prior explicit consent, Company may use your personal contact details, and in particular your email address stated either when you register as a member in our online store, or at a later time, by filling your email address in order to receive notifications and the newsletter of our online store.
If you do not wish to receive any more such offers and notifications, you can at any time unsubscribe by sending an email to the email address

2.6 Cookies

Upon entry and navigation in our online store, our Company collects necessary personal data through either our Cookies (First Party Cookies), or third parties with whom we cooperate (Third Party Cookies), which the former uses for statistical purposes, for the optimization of our services and for the improvement and the upgrade of the content and the operation of our online store.
Cookies are small text files that are installed temporarily on your computer or on your electronic device and are transmitted to the server of our online store through the browser you use.
The data collected by Cookies for the above mentioned purposes may include the browser type that you use, the type of computer or your device, its operating system, the Internet service providers, the locations you visit and the links to websites of third parties that you may choose via our online store, as well as the IP address of your device.
No Cookies file from those used in our online store collects information and abstracts knowledge of any document or file from your computer or your electronic device.
By entering our online store you can either consent to the processing of the information through the use of Cookies, or edit your preferences and form the Cookies function as you wish through the specific arrangements of our online store.
However, the deactivation of certain Cookies categories may affect the operation and limit specific functions of our online store.

2.7 Google Analytics 

Our online store also uses web analytics services of “Google Analytics”. This service uses technologies and tools like Cookies to help us record and understand more about the way you gain access and use our online store, in order for us to improve your experience and create an online store that serves better your needs.

2.8 Employees and partners’ data

Company shall collect, maintain and process personal data of its employees, in order to execute the employment contract and the payroll in accordance with the requirements of the relevant insurance and tax legislation. We are also able to process similar information in the same way as for independent partners, consultants, contractors and other third parties cooperating with our Company for the operation of our online store and the provision of our products to you.
Moreover, our Company may at times receive resumes of our partners, through which they provide us with personal information about them, professional qualifications, work experience, etc. We collect and keep these data, by updating them whenever necessary, but always in compliance with appropriate organizational and technical security measures and for as long as it is necessary for the execution of the contract between us or our possible future cooperation.

3. Purposes of processing your Personal Data 

Our company will process your personal data only when:

  • you have given your prior consent to this end (which you can withdraw at any time),
  • the processing is essential for the operation of our online store and the provision of our contractual services to you according to your orders and requests,
  • the processing is necessary for the compliance with statutory obligations (e.g. to comply with the applicable tax legislation or accounting standards),
  • the processing is necessary for the preservation of the legitimate interests of our Company or for the interests of third-party recipients, who legally receive some personal data (e.g. accountants, lawyers).

4. Are your personal data communicated to third parties?

Company and our online store do not sell, lease, exchange, communicate your personal data, nor will they do so at any time in the future to any third party/entity. 
We may transfer (distribute, send or otherwise disclose) your personal data to third parties only through methods specified in the present Privacy Policy and always under conditions which fully ensure that these data do not sustain any illegal processing, that is to say, other than the purpose of the transfer.
Our Company shall disclose your personal data to third parties only when it is absolutely necessary (i) for the performance of our contractual obligations to you, (ii) the processing by a third party is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests and / or when the law requires it, or (iii) if you have given your prior consent to this end.

In particular, we may transfer your data to third parties, to whom we delegate its processing on our behalf and mainly in the following specific cases:

  • to any third party involved in the provision of services requested by you through our online store and to the extent that they have been charged with the completion of the transaction, such as courier companies for the delivery of the products to you.
  • to any third party who has undertaken on behalf of Company’s issues relating to the operation of our online store, such as hosting, operating and technical support of our online store.
  • independent service providers and / or consultants, such as accountants, lawyers, etc.
  • public authorities and services, regulatory bodies and enforcement agencies, for the purpose of complying with a legal request, such as a judicial decision or another valid legal process.
  • where applicable or permitted by applicable law, in accordance with our legal obligations.

Our Company takes all the appropriate steps to ensure that when those categories of recipients of your personal data are performing or under-executing the processing of these data on our behalf, they will not carry out any other processing beyond the above-mentioned transmission purposes.
In any case, our employees and partners who have access and process your personal data are specific and properly trained and they process only on a need-to-know basis, in order to meet the stated legitimate business purposes, as described.

5. Information Security

5.1 We are committed to safeguard and protect your personal information. We implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect any personal information provided to us by accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to personal information collected, stored or otherwise processed by us or by our Company. 
More specifically, our Company implements various procedures and security measures to our physical and electronic files, in order to protect the personal information we hold, while we regularly review these security measures. In particular, in Company’s headquarters there is a “Windows Domain Controller” for secure network access. The interface of computers is effectuated with a Gigabit Switch and for the security from external factors there is Firewall and up-to-date antivirus. All computers have the latest updates for their maximum security. Email is served by dedicated email servers and there is protection from a SSL protocol for secure communication with our clients and secure file transfer.
In the area of the maintenance of servers there is controlled air conditioning and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Access is controlled and is exclusively arranged for the operation of the servers, while regular file backups are kept for the case of loss of data from natural disaster.
For the handling of our customers, the invoicing and the monitoring of our warehouse we use SAP, which provides us with flexibility, security and quality in the processing of our tasks.
The communication with our warehouse is via VPN (Virtual Private Network) with a view to maximum security and encryption of communication. There is a local network with a Gigabit Switch, and the computers are protected through an antivirus system. The site is protected by people with unauthorized work.

5.2 We are not responsible for the actions of third parties or their security measures in relation to the information that third parties may collect or process through their websites, services or otherwise.

6. Data retention period

Our Company will not retain your data longer than the period necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected or as required by applicable laws and regulations. 
The information that you provide us may be archived or stored periodically, according to backup security processes and are only retained for as long as is it required for the purposes for which it was collected, unless the law requires us to hold your personal information for a longer period or to delete it sooner, or unless you exercise your right to have your information erased or to restrict the processing thereof (where it applies). 

7. Protection of children’s personal data

Our online store is addressed only to persons over 18 years old. Our Company through our online store does not collect personal data or details from people that we know are below the age of 13.

8. Your rights

We are committed to provide you with the ability to exercise all of your rights, according to the applicable legislation, in relation to your personal data that we hold and process such as your right of access to, correction and withdrawal of your prior consent,  your right to request data deletion, to restrict the extent of data processing, to limit or cease the direct marketing and to request copy of your data in a common digital format (e.g., pdf) to you or to another provider you may indicate to us. Moreover, you have the right to submit a complaint before the competent authority.

Indicatively, at your request, we will:

  • grant you access to copies of your personal data, within a reasonable time period
  • correct personal information, when inaccurate
  • withdraw your prior consent to the processing of your data etc.

In any case you want to exercise any of your rights regarding any personal data held by us, you can address in writing to our Company by email to the email address to .
We will make every effort to evaluate and respond to your requests within a reasonable time, while we will inform you of their progress.

Our Company reserves the right to reject requests that are unjustifiably repetitive, or their implementation is contrary to our legal obligations, or require disproportionate technical efforts or have disproportionate technical implications for the operation of our online store. In any event, you have the right to submit a complaint before the competent supervisory authority.

9. Privacy policy changes

Our Company reserves the right to amend or renew the terms of this Privacy Policy without prior notice. Once you use our online store following a communication for the amendment of this policy, it must be assumed that you agree with the new terms, as they are modified henceforward.
In case you would like any further or information regarding the terms of this Privacy Policy or you want to exercise any of your rights, please contact us by email to .


Terms of use


This is an online store selling spa and swimming pool products (hereinafter called “online store”) of the company under the name “PISCINES IDEALES S.A. CONSTRUCTION & TRADE" with the distinctive title “PISCINES IDEALES SA”, (hereinafter called “Company”), with its registered office at Pefki, Athens, 18 Davaki str., tel. 210-6148430, email: 

Before navigating through our website, please read carefully the following terms and conditions regarding your use of our online store. If you do not agree with them, you should immediately cease the use of the present online store.


The use of our online store is exclusively addressed to persons over 18 years old. To place your order in our online store, you should follow one of the following ways:

You can place your order following the creation of your personal account as a member of our online store. For your registration as a member, you should fill in the relevant form for the registration of a New Customer:

  • your full name,
  • your email address and your contact details (address and telephone number), and
  • the necessary details for your entry in the future, namely username and password.

For the fulfillment of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email from our online store at the email address that you have filled in.
Once you create your personal account, you will thereafter be able to proceed with your purchases. To place your order, after adding the products that you have chosen into your shopping cart, you should then proceed to the relevant Order form and: 

  • fill in the place, where your swimming pool is located and to choose the shipping method of your products, by adding the shipping address or even any supplementary comments regarding the delivery of the products,
  • choose the pricing formulae of the products (retail receipt or invoice) and to add the necessary information about the way of charging, and
  • choose the payment method for your order.

You can place your order in our online store as a guest, without following the above mentioned steps for your registration as a member. For the placement of your order as a guest, you just choose the products of your preference and then proceed to your shopping cart, where you should fill in the relevant order form as a guest using the following information:

  • your full name
  • your email address and your contact details
  • the place, where your swimming pool is located
  • the shipping address and any comments regarding the delivery of the products
  • the pricing formulae of your choice and the relevant billing information
  • the payment method of your choice.

In case you choose to complete your order as a guest, our online store shall not keep any record in case of a future order, however you will be able to keep track of the progress of your order, by submitting to the special “ORDER STATUS” form the number of your order and your email address.
The completion of your order shall be carried out by the acceptance of these Terms and the Final Placement of your order regardless of the method chosen for its placement, whilst you will receive a confirmation email from our online store for its confirmation and its progress to the email address that you have filled in. 
The placement of your order constitutes a binding purchase offer for the products that you have chosen in the total price indicated at the time of its placement, including V.A.T., any packaging and shipping fees, as well as other valid fees or discounts.
The placement of your order is subject to Company’s approval.
The acceptance of your order on behalf of Company is carried out by sending a confirmation email to your email address. The contract has not been concluded yet, until your order is explicitly accepted by Company.
Company reserves its right to reject to proceed an order in the event of non- availability or elimination of products.

The payment of your order shall be carried out with one of the following methods:
1. By charging you debit or credit card
The payment of your order shall be securely carried out by charging your debit or credit card issued by any Bank.
For the security of your electronic transactions with our Company by using credit or debit cards, these transactions shall be executed through an internationally recognized and certified electronic transaction system. 
2.By transfer to Company’s bank account
The payment of your order may be carried out by electronic or in person transfer to one of the following Company’s bank accounts:

  • NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE:  GR 50 0110 1820 0000 1824 7010 038
  • ALPHA BANK: GR 61 0140 1480 1480 0232 0000 962
  • EUROBANK: GR 05 0260 2380 0002 7020 0415 500
  • PIRAEUS BANK:  GR 27 0172 0140 0050 1400 5445 565

Regarding the transfer, the following written justification should be added:

  • Your full name and
  • The number of your order (as mentioned in the confirmation email sent to you)

Your transfer shall be carried out at the latest within the next working day from the date of the placement of your order. The delivery of your order is executed upon prior confirmation of your transfer.
In case that within the aforementioned time period the transfer has not been carried out, you order is cancelled.

3.By cash on delivery (COD)
For orders within Attica, which are carried out through a cooperating courier company, the payment of your order shall be made by cash on delivery at the time of the receipt of your products without any supplementary fee.

By courier service or carrier
Your order shall be shipped with a cooperating courier company or a carrier to the address that you have chosen at the time of its placement, within 2 to 5 working days from the date of the confirmation of the payment in accordance with the products availability listed on the website regarding each product chosen. In case a product is not readily available, your order shall be delivered for dispatch within the availability period set on the relevant product page.
You will receive an informative email to the email address submitted at the time of your registration as a member or at the time of the placement of your order as a guest, when your order is delivered for dispatch to the cooperating courier company or the carrier.
Once you receive your order, it is recommended for you to check the products, provided that you maintain the packaging of each one of them not damaged.

The shipping fees are not included in the price of the products, except for the cases where a special offer is provided for their delivery. The shipping fees of your order are formed depending on the shipping address, the weight of the products and the total amount of your order according to the special terms set out below.

The use of our online store is entirely carried out at your own liability. The content of our online store neither constitutes nor is capable of being interpreted as a provision of advice or a direct or indirect incitement for you to engage in any action.
As a member of our online store, you remain solely liable for any action carried out with your personal passwords and for the proper use and save of them, whilst you consent to notify in time Company in any case of an unauthorized use of your passwords necessary for you access to our online store.

Our Company shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the information contained in our online store is complete and accurate, and guarantee the timely notification of our customers regarding the non-availability of the products or any delay in their delivery.
Our Company does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or accuracy of the information contained in our online store, and is not liable for any damage due to the incorrect or inaccurate nature of such information.
Company does not guarantee that the use of our online store shall be without interruption or mistakes, nor that in the event of errors these will be automatically corrected. Company is not liable for any technical problems that may arise to guests / members during their try to access our online store or during their navigation and does not guarantee protection from electronic viruses or other harmful electronic components through the use of our website.
Company reserves its right to withdraw or cease the provision of its services without prior notification at any time. Company shall bear no liability in case there is a failure in access to all or part of the services for any reason.

All of the content featured or displayed on this online store consists of Company’s intellectual property. The registered trademark, the trade name to which the website is uploaded, as well as any logo, design, original photographic material, text or information used herein consist of Company’s intellectual property and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek and European legislation. 
As a consequence, any copy, reproduction, distribution or replay of any logo, design, photographic material, text or information for commercial purposes or public use, is prohibited without Company’s prior written consent. 

Company reserves the right at any time to change or update these Terms of Use. Once you use our online store following a notification regarding an amendment of the terms of use, it must be assumed that you agree with the new Terms of Use, as they have been modified henceforward.

All the above-mentioned Terms of Use, as contextually applied, are subject to the Greek law.  
If any dispute or difference arises out of or is connected with the use of our online store or is related to its use, it shall be resolved by the courts of Athens in Greece which shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

For any information, question or request, please contact with our online store by telephone at 2106148400 or by email to the email address

Returns Policy


You are entitled to return all or part of the products you have ordered within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt. In this case, you are charged with the immediate product return fee. In the event that the products are not returned within the aforementioned deadline, you will lose any relevant right. 
However, there is an exception in cases where you decide to withdraw from your order within the said deadline and you have selected products of the category “Special Offers” within a specific promotional campaign. In this case, you will not be charged with the immediate product return fee. For the completion of the aforementioned process, please contact us either by telephone at 2106148400 or by email to the email address, so that you obtain the relevant guidance from the competent department of our Company.
In case you wish to proceed with your right to return the goods you have ordered, you should fill in and send to our email address, the specific "Return Form," available on our website For any further information regarding our return process, you can contact us either by telephone at 2106148400 or by email to the email address
After filling in and sending us the "Return Form", for the valid submission of a refund claim, you should:

  • return the product in the condition that you have obtained it without having its packaging infringed or used; and
  • returned the product accompanied with all the necessary documents in their original form, such as the retail receipt of the product or the invoice issued and any instructions leaflets, guarantee document or other documents included in the package.

Once the product is sent from you, our Company usually receives it within ten working days for returns within Greece given that the courier company under the name ACS has been selected or within ten working days if the carrier under the name ACS has been selected. If you choose another courier company or another carrier, we cannot provide you with any guarantee regarding the delivery times of the products that you are returning. In any event, you must select a delivery service that will complete the delivery process of the product to be returned to the address indicated below.
Regarding the return of the products you have ordered, either using a courier company or a carrier, you should use the following address:

Ideales Factory
Ioanni Ntara str.
Lofos Kyrillou

Once our Company receives the returned product, we will directly process your request and inform you by email of its progress. All products returned to our Company are subject to a check on the conditions for their return and Company reserves the right not to accept a return in the event of non-compliance with these conditions.
Then we will inform you by email of the approval of the return and how we refund you, or of the rejection of your request in case that the returned product or its packaging is found to be used or damaged, or lacks  any of the conditions for the return.
In case of approval of the returned products, we shall refund you for the whole value of the product and any costs of its delivery, using the same methods of payment as you used for its purchase. The repayment of your money shall be completed within 14 working days from the date that our Company receives the said products.
In particular:

  • If the purchase of the product has been made by credit or debit card, our Company will inform the Bank of the cancellation of the relevant transaction and the repayment of the amount in accordance with the special conditions provided for in the agreement with your Bank. Company shall not be responsible for the implementation of the terms of the above-mentioned agreement as well as for the time and method used for the execution of the reversal of the said transaction by the Bank.
  • If the purchase has been made by transfer to Company's bank account or by cash on delivery (COD), in order for the repayment of this amount, you should provide us with a bank account (when you filling in the "Return Form"), to which the amount to be repaid will be deposited. 

For further support, you can contact us for any request concerning the return of products by email to the email address

Regarding the return of a product purchased in our online store, you should ensure that:

  • The product should be in its original packaging and in the same condition in which you received it (products showing physical changes, bumps, shards, scratches or other signs of damage are not accepted for return), accompanied with the retail receipt or the invoice, and any relevant document in its original form, such as instructions leaflets, guarantee document or other documents of the product. Company reserves the right to refuse the return of products provided that you have used them in a way other than the necessary one, in order for you to determine their nature, the characteristics and the specific function of these products until the disclosure of  your withdrawal from your purchase.
  • The product should not be constructed according to your specifications or/and be definitely tailor-made.
  • The product should be accompanied with the completed “Return Form”, which can be downloaded here, unless you have already sent it electronically, in accordance with the details above, before the return of the product.
  • The return of the product should be completed within the limitation period of 14 working days from the date of its receipt.
  • We recommend you to check the condition of the product and its packaging at the time of your order receipt.

Besides your return right, in case a product is defective or lacks an agreed property, you keep all your legal rights under the sale contract and according to consumer protection provisions. In this case, our Company will directly replace the defective product, without you being charged with the return fee or the delivery fee for the replacement of this product.

You can proceed to the cancellation of your order in the following cases:

  • When you have not completed your order (checkout), you are able to cancel the process by pressing the button “Back” of your browser.
  • After completing your order process, you are able to cancel it at any time until you receive the relevant email from Company for the confirmation of the delivery of the products, either by phone at 2106148400 or by email to the email address Once your order is delivered, its cancellation cannot be accepted.

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