For Society

  • Ideales Bazaar
  • Blood Donation
  • Cleaning the forest of Pefki
At Ideales our objective is to contribute as active and responsible citizens to the social, economic and political development of society.
We are proud to announce the following activities in this field:
  • Charity Bazaars every Christmas and Easter with handmade decorations, jewellery etc from the Employees of the Group.
  • Voluntary Blood Donation for Ideales Blood Bank in collaboration with the Amalia Fleming Hospital.
  • Continual support and interaction with the academic community in order to strengthen individual responsibility, disseminating the concept of good practices and teaching business ethics.
  • Support of two children (called Tegist and Malik) in Ethiopia and in Pakistan, with donations from our Employees. Adoption of children with the help of Action Aid.
  • Systematic distribution of clothes, toys and books to institutions supporting families with many children.
  • Purchase of charity tickets.
  • Participation in many Greek and international organisations (such as the UN Global Compact and the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility) that promote the common good and the values of sustainable development.