For the Environment

  • For the Environment
  • For the Environment
  • For the Environment
Our aim is to offer our Customers quality and “green” leisure with health products. We believe we can change the world and succeed in creating a better tomorrow... TODAY!

  • with the certified Piscines Ideales | the eco pool® and our global innovation, Carbon Neutral Ideales Spa
  • with Ideales Covers® for savings on water and electricity, and lower maintenance costs
  • with L.ights E.motions D.ives which are 17x more energy-efficient than standard pool lights and have a 25x lifecycle
  • with the Piscines Ideales Advanced Filtration Systems which are also compatible with sea water
  • with our advanced Heat Pumps which heat pool water and consume less energy than conventional heating methods (petrol, natural gas)
  • with the certified range of Easy Pool Care® products for clean, safe water with minimum consumption

And also with other actions such as:
  • use of the WWF software for the creation of non-printable files
  • exclusive use of recycled and recyclable paper
  • recycling of electrical devices, batteries, ink cartridges, paper, glass and plastic
  • almost exclusive use of recycled and recyclable materials
  • constantly raising awareness through the “Message of the Month”, the “Crystal-Clear Waters in a Crystal Clear Environment” information leaflet, the publishing of Ideales News three times a year and all other corporate documents

All this and more for a better tomorrow… TODAY!