Corporate Social Responsibility for a better tomorrow… TODAY!

better-tommorow.pngAt Ideales Group we systematically work with enthusiasm and verve. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is expressed through the Individual Responsibility of each and every one of us and is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

Ideales contributes responsibly and consistently with daily activities to benefiting People, Society and the Environment, creating value for our Customers and reinforcing bonds with them.

Our strategy in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on the following basic issues:

  • Offering of high quality products that provide health and enjoyment whilst respecting the environment.
  • Establishing of optimum working conditions, rivalled by very few companies in Europe, whilst motivating employees to the issues of society, environment and health.
  • Substantially contributing to People and Society. A better tomorrow… TODAY, through small daily activities, greater knowledge, informing the general public, organization of charity Bazaars, volunteerism etc.
  • Responsible organization and operation, so that Ideales becomes a role model for business practice.

Our greatest aim is to achieve a higher quality of life and transfer our culture and values to families, friends and acquaintances for a better tomorrow... TODAY!