Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

Ideales Group treats your personal data with responsibility and we believe that it should be collected and processed only when absolutely necessary. Therefore, PISCINES IDEALES S.A. and our website, where our Group’s activity is described, are designed with the appropriate operational and internal systems and comply to the applicable European legislation regarding data protection General Data Protection Regulation EU 679/2016 (GDPR).

The present privacy policy has been adopted by the company «PISCINES IDEALES S.A.» having its registered office in Pefki, Athens, Greece, at 18 Davaki Street, telephone number 210-6148430, email:

1. What is considered Personal Data?
Personal Data is any information that relates to you, or may be attributed to you. Such data is, for example, your name, surname, father’s name, address, postal code, city, country, county/region, telephone number, mobile phone number, as well as your email address, etc. Additionally, personal data also includes some technical data relating to you, such as your IP address or the websites from which you entered our site, etc.

2. Personal data collected by the Company and purposes of processing
Collection and processing of your personal data and details related to you takes place for purposes directly related to the services you request from us and which we offer to you and/or for purposes for which you have granted your consent. We collect those types of personal data that are necessary for the procurement of our services of constructing private or commercial swimming pool as wells as for the trade of pool equipment and accessories. We retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the provision of our products and services and for our compliance with our legal obligations.

In accordance with the applicable Regulation we do not obtain data of special categories, such as data about your health or the alleged commission of or conviction for criminal offences.

As stands with most websites, by browsing at Company’s website at, or other websites that our Company manages, for example, with informative content, the website collects and processes personal data and information about you, either through cookies or directly from you.

More specifically, PISCINES IDEALES collects and processes personal data and information about the following:

2.1 Browsing the website – Cookies
In order to browse our Website it is not necessary to sign up and consequently to directly provide us with your personal data or other information relating to you. However, while navigating PISCINES IDEALES website our Company collects personal information and other information about you through our own (First Party Cookies) or third parties’ with whom we partner Cookies (Third Party Cookies), which are used mainly for statistical purposes, for purposes regarding the development of our services and for the upgrading their content.

Cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer or on your device temporarily and are transmitted to our server through your preferred browser. No Cookie file used on the Website collects any information or obtains knowledge of any document or file from your computer.

The data collected by Cookies for the above purposes may include the type of browser you are using, the type of your computer, your operating system, online service providers, the sites you visit, and the links to third party websites which you may follow through our Website, as well as the IP address of your computer. By browsing the Website, you consent to the processing of information from you by using Cookies. You can, however, edit your preferences through our Website settings regarding Cookies.

2.2. Swimming pool construction – Trade of pool equipment and accessories
Our Company provides mainly services regarding the construction of private or commercial swimming pools, in places and according to specifications that our customer prefer, which are all described in our previous written offer and in the final written contract between us. Our Company uses the data that our customers directly provide us in order to proceed in signing the written contract for the procurement of our services and the construction of the abovementioned pools, as well as for the pricing of the agreed services and the payment by the customer.

Furthermore, in the context of the Company's trade activity we receive orders for the supply and sale of pool equipment and accessories.
In order to complete and deliver each order, it is essential that you provide your personal data. The data are collected and processed by our Company for the execution of the contract between us, especially to execute your order by selling and delivering the products you have chosen to your address, as well as for our Company’s pricing and making your payment.

2.3. Registering as a Member – privé Ideales Club
Ideales rewards its customers for their loyalty and preference by launching privé Ideales Club, a reward program, the Members of which enjoy exclusive offers and discounts on products and services of a list of business that is constantly growing. During the registration process as a Member, our Company collects the personal data that each user voluntarily provides in order to complete the registration, and especially: name, surname, address, telephone number and contact email.

The above personal data is collected and processed by our Company in order to create your Member Account and provide you your special Member card, which allows you to enjoy the special privileges and offers.

2.4. Employee data
PISCINES IDEALES collects, retains and processes personal data of their employees in the context of our contractual relationship and for purposes related to it, such as payroll, according to private insurance and tax legislation. We may also process similar information about freelancers, consultants and other third parties who provide products or services to our company.

Our Company may also receive personal data from potential employees, including personal contact information, professional qualifications and past professional experience, in order to make recruitment decisions. We collect and store CVs, while we update them when necessary, in a corporate database in accordance with our standardized business practices, for as long as necessary to perform the contract between us or our possible future cooperation.

3. Legal basis for processing your data
We will process Personal Data only when:
- processing is necessary for the performance of our obligations we have undertaken under a written contract or order,
- you have given your consent (which you can withdraw at any time)
- processing is necessary for our compliance with our statutory obligations (for example for tax purposes) and/or
- processing is necessary in order to safeguard Company’s legitimate interests or the interests of third parties / recipients who legally receive some of your personal information.
Furthermore, we may use your personal contact information to send you targeted marketing newsletters regarding our services, which we believe may be of interest to you, only if you have explicitly requested and / or have given your consent to receive such newsletters from us. These may also include, but are not limited to emails or messages (sms).

As already described, we never process your data, unless the processing is necessary, and based either on the performance of a contract between our company and you as a customer, or on our legitimate interests in maintaining our relationship with you as our customers, or, finally on your consent, regarding mainly advertisement purposes about our Company's activity and products.

4. Is personal information disclosed to third parties?
PISCINES IDEALES will not at any case receive from you more personal data than those necessary for the purpose they are collected, or disclose your data to third parties, unless this is strictly necessary in order for us to perform a service that you have requested and is related to our contract either of pool construction or sale of equipment, or unless processing by a third party is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests, or you have previously given your consent and / or when it is required by law (for example, to execute a court order, a public prosecutor's order, etc.).

Particularly, we do not sell, lease or exchange your personal data, nor will we do so at any time in the future. We may disclose (share, send, or otherwise disclose) the personal data we collect for you under the terms of the present to third parties, but always under conditions that ensure that there is no unlawful processing, that is, outside the purpose of the disclosure.

In particular, we may transfer your data mainly at the following cases:
• To Google, especially for the use of the Google Analytics
• To external business advisers (such as lawyers and auditors);
• To suppliers and other service providers, including our contractors;
• To service providers that host our customer database, perform its technical support and management;
• To mailing houses and courier companies;
• To government agencies and public authorities, regulatory bodies and enforcement agencies, to comply with a valid and authorised request, including a court order or other valid legal process, to protect against fraud and for related security purposes;
• To any third party to whom we assign or novate any of our rights or obligations;
• As required or authorised by applicable law, and to comply with our legal obligations;

PISCINES IDEALES informs you that, when the above categories of recipients of your personal data are considered processors or sub-processors on our behalf as controller, they do not process the data beyond the above transmission targets and always act in accordance with our explicit instructions and instructions.

Finally, our employees and contractors that have access and process your personal data are properly trained regarding the appropriate manner for this processing and process only on a need-to-know basis, to meet stated legitimate business purposes.

5. Security of your data
5.1. We are committed to safeguarding and protecting your personal data. We consistently apply appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to ensure a level of security that is appropriate to prevent accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access to your personal data that is collected, stored or subjected to any other kind of processing.

The Company has implemented security procedures and measures in physical and electronic records in order to protect the personal information we keep. We also regularly review security measures in order to protect your personal data. Specifically, our registered office has a Windows Domain Controller for secure user access to the network. Computers’ interface is made with Gigabit Switch and for external security Firewall and updated antivirus are used. All computer devices have the latest updates for maximum security. E-mail is served by dedicated e-mail server and there is a SSL security protocol for secure communication with our clients and secure file transfer.

In the servers area there is controlled air conditioning and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). There is scaled access and the area is exclusively configured for servers operation, while regular file backup is maintained in case of data loss from physical disaster.
For filing our customers, pricing our services and keeping records regarding our storage we use SAP database, which provides us flexibility, security and quality in performing our activities.

Any communication with our storage is made through VPN (Virtual Private Network) for maximum security and encryption of communication. There is a local network with Gigabit Switch and computers are protected by antivirus. The area is protected by unauthorized access.

5.2. We are not responsible for any third party actions or security measures in relation to information that third parties may collect or process through their websites, services or otherwise. We will destroy or erase your personal data when we no longer need it for the provision of our conventional services or as otherwise required by law.

6. Retention period
The Company does not retain your data for a period longer than necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they have been collected or in any case as required by the applicable legislation.

The information you provide us with may be archived or stored periodically, in accordance with our security procedures and will only be retained for as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, unless the law requires us to maintain it for longer, or to delete them sooner, or unless you exercise your right to delete or restrict your data (when permitted).

7. Children's Online Privacy Protection
We do not in any case collect information through our website from individuals who are known to be under the age of 13, and no part of our online presence is directed to anyone less than 13 years.

8. Your rights
We ensure that we provide you the ability to exercise all of your rights under the GDPR in relation to your personal data that we hold and process, such as the right of access and correction, to withdraw consent at any time, to object to data processing, to request data deletion, to restrict aspects of data processing, to prevent direct marketing and request transmission of personal data in a common digital format (e.g., pdf) to themselves or another organization. You also have the right to submit a complaint to the competent authority.

Namely, upon your request we will:
• allow access to copies of personal information within a reasonable timeframe;
• correct personal information where inaccurate;
• withdraw a previously provided consent to processing of personal information etc.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights with respect to any personal data you hold, you may contact our company in writing at You shall get free access to your data, but depending on the volume of data our company retains for you, we may ask you to cover some of our costs.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy
This privacy policy may change from time to time according to legislation without prior notice. For this reason we invite you to check regularly