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Choose Ideales for our economical but still surpassing timeless creations and you’ll be able to swim instead of run, without any inelegant problems or leaks in your pool!

Whatever your desire might be, we will carry it out in ways that no other pool company is familiar with.  The goal we always achieve is for you to enjoy the most out of your investment, promoting thus our brand (99.74% of our Customers are highly recommending us! Satisfaction Survey - September 2017)!

Would you like your swimming pool to be constructed with quartz sand or pebble? Would you rather prefer ceramic tiles, large porcelain pool tiles or the aesthetic of pool glass mosaic like Ideales Mosaic®? Would a natural stone or some sort of marble satisfy you more? Or your choice would be smart technologies such as Ideales Membrane®?

Whatever your choice might be, the gorgeous and reliable swimming pool has one name only

The entire technological know-how that we have acquired since 1990, is what we have been using in hundreds of private and commercial swimming pool projects all across Greece, providing our Customers with absolutely satisfying solutions.

We are continuously breaking new ground to provide new benefits for you and for this reason we are pioneers in our industry across Europe.  The construction of a Piscines Ideales swimming pool grants the owner a number of unparallel benefits.

The saving of natural resources, water, energy and money during construction and use establish Piscines Ideales | the eco pool® as the only certified ecological pool worldwide!  You can read more about it on Ideales Blog.

Furthermore, our patented technology, our Advanced Filtration Systems, the superior aesthetics that last, the incomparable quality of work offered by our experienced technicians, the smooth implementation of all ideas and mostly the high quality service provided by our people, have all established Piscines Ideales as the number one pool manufacturer!

Would you like to become one of our happy swimmers?
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