Pool Heating Tropical 365 Be IDEALES |For Warm Swimming Pool Water

Tropical 365 Be IDEALESFor those of you who want more Visitors to your hotel or villa throughout the year, you can now heat the water of your swimming pools easily and mostly cost-effectively.
For all of you who love swimming and its beneficial effects, you no longer need to wait until summer to enjoy your pool.
Ideales' new, sophisticated heating systems extend the use of every swimming pool throughout the year.

The new Tropical 365 - Be IDEALES Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are greatly superior to any similar product on the market:
They are environmentally friendly, they perform extremely well, consume very little, operate almost silently and smoothly for many years even in hard brackish waters and at very low temperatures and if you wish they can even offer
cooling of the pool water. They are installed easily and quickly
and  have zero maintenance costs.  

Tropical 365_logoBy installing a heating system in a new or existing pool of any technology, you triple the value of your investment, exploiting the use of your swimming pool not only for 2-4 months, but all year round.  

Choose one of the advanced pool heating systems Ideales has to offer (Tropical 365 - Be IDEALES heat pumps, swimming pool water heat exchangers or electric heating systems) and make your pool an attracting pole for the whole family and friends all year round. 

Contact our specialized staff on 210 61 48 430, or at info@ideales.gr to study your space and needs, in order to present the most suitable solution for you.

For warm swimming pool water 365 days per year, the solution is Tropical 365 -  Be IDEALES!