Unrivalled Hydrotherapy Technology

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The great comfort combined with superior design, the exceptional construction quality, the lower energy consumption and the easier maintenance throughout the world enable Ideales Spa (Hydropool hot tubs), to offer you the ultimate Hydrotherapy experience.

Cutting-edge Hydrotherapy technology -> only Ideales Spa offers such a high level of customised Hydrotherapy.
The "Hydrosequence MassageTM" system blows separate water jets at each part of your body, based on your personal needs. Thanks to the "HydroFlex AirTherapyTM" system, you can experience the delightful sensation of millions of tiny warm bubbles caressing your body. It is usually combined with the "Aromatherapy Dream Scents on DemandTM"system. At the same time the HydroFall Pillow combines therapeutic action for the nape of your neck with premium aesthetics. Finally, the perfectly designed "HydroFlex Foot MassageTM" system dissipates all your negative thoughts.

Easy use & maintenance -> Ideales Spa is proven to be the easiest to clean and the most efficient to maintain on a global basis. Because a Spa should relieve your headaches, not cause them!

Energy efficiency -> Ideales Spa has a unique self-cleaning system and double thermal insulation making it the most energy-efficient Spa that has ever been manufactured. Also, the new high performance and low power consumption pump filtration is added to their features. The operating costs are guaranteed to be less than 1 euro/day, which means significant savings on chemical products and energy.

Comfort & design -> whatever your lifestyle, you will find the perfect Ideales Spa for you. The “refreshing” position of the HydroFall Pillow, which gives the perfect shoulder and neck hydromassage, and the Freely Adjustable Seat, which functions both as a lounger and as a chair, are just two of the ergonomic innovations of the Ideales Spa.

Superior quality and guarantees -> Ideales Spa has been naufactured to the highest quality standards and is covered by top guarantees that no other manufacturer can compete with:

  • 10-year guarantee on the frame
  • 5-year guarantee on the internal surfaces
  • 3-year guarantee on the electronic equipment
Furthermore, all constructions are accompanied by Ideales exceptional 5* Customer Care and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
In addition to all of the above, Ideales Spa offsets the CO2 manufacturing emissions of each Ideales Spa by donating money to tree planting initiatives, conveying our true ecological conscience.

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