Professional Spa Range | Ergonomic design & Durability for professional perfection

Επαγγελματική σειρά Ideales Spa The Ideales Spa professional range is intended for heavy use in professional places. Unique construction quality and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee proper functionality and thorough upgrade for your professional space, maximising Customer enjoyment.


The Commercial models, equipped with all the basic features without compromise in quality and reliability, rival the top Self-Cleaning> range of Ideales Spa. They include ergonomic seats, ozonation functionality and numerous jets, and are offered in a variety of colours.

The Acrylic Overflow models combine the benefit of overflow with the high quality construction of Ideales Spa. Especially designed for heavy use in professional spaces, they are able to quickly renew and filter the water, while retaining the water level stable regardless of the number of people inside the Spa, creating your own personal pool where you can experience the ultimate relaxation.

All models are covered by the special Ideales warrantee schemes.
Shell dimensions: 2,00 x 1,35 x 0,90 m
Hydromassage Seats: 2
Water Jets: up to 40
Shell dimensions: 2,02 X 2,02 X 0,91 m
Hydromassage Seats: 5
Water Jets: 26
Shell dimensions: 4,42 x 2,36 x 1,25 m
Seats: 2
Water Jets: 21
Shell dimensions: 2,03 x 2,03 x 0,94 m
Seats: 5
Water Jets: 30 & 40
Shell dimensions: 2,44 x 2,44 x 0,99 m
Hydromassage Seats: 7
Water Jets: 55
Shell dimensions: 2,29 x 2,29 x 0,99 m
Seats: 6
Water Jets: 50
Shell dimensions: 2,44 x 3,10 x 0,99 m
Hydromassage Seats: 10
Water Jets: 70