Our Philosophy – Vision, Mission & Values

skopos-axies.gifThe vision that drives us:

  • To strive for continuous progress and improvement…
  • To respect people and the environment…
  • To let satisfied Customers and Employees stand as testament to our success…

…so that Ideales sets the business standard.

Our unique mission is:

To reliably provide special moments of pleasure, well-being and relaxation that last.

Our everyday work is based on 7 core values:

HONESTY: We foster honest relationships with colleagues, customers and partners alike, regardless of personal cost.

COMPANIONSHIP: We value each member of the team for their contribution towards achieving a common goal. Our motto is “the sum is greater than its parts.”

: We aim at Customer Service excellence, consistently honouring all our commitments in time.

: We encourage equality amongst our team members. We respect each and every colleague and offer our support in every hurdle. We respect and protect the environment.

: We pay utmost attention to detail aiming to constantly improve the quality of our service and avoid repeating mistakes and omissions.

: We act with due regard for honesty in personal relationships and a deep sense of morality towards society as a whole.

: We strive for continuous improvement and excellence, aspiring to perfection. Thus, we become more effective and achieve better results.