Edition of the 4th Social Report of Ideales

October '13
ΑΠΟΛΟΓΙΣΜΟΣ_2012Ideales is one of the few SMEs issuing an annual Social Report, because it considers that imprinting all Corporate Responsibility actions, that have been implemented throughout the year, is extremely important. Thus, it both communicates their effectiveness to all stakeholders and also updates its continued commitment to sustainable development.

The 2012 Social Report of Ideales, is the 4th on the row and includes all actions and initiatives of the company that left their positive footprint on the environment, on People and Society. It is only available on electronic form - in line with the basic sustainability principles of the Group (paperless office) - and is available on Ideales website, the website of United Nations Global Compact, the website of the Greek CSR Network, and is also set for evaluation on the annual Dialogue for Sustainable Development of Bravo initiative.

Ideales, on its continuous effort for a better tomorrow ... TODAY!, needs all friends, Customers, partners and suppliers to become fellow companions and encourages everyone to submit their views and suggestions for actions through the e-mail address for CSR,  csr@Ideales.gr.