The 10 Most Beautiful Pictures of Swimming Pools

June '14
The bigger and most popular Pool Photography Contest BeautyPool, which is been organized by Ideales the last 4 years, highlighted this year gorgeous pools all over the country that just looking at them is a real treat!

Entries from swimming pools looking like an oasis that reflect serenity, tranquility and relaxation, but also entries that capture joy, fun and pleasure that a swimming pool can offer, made the work of the judges extremely difficult. 

The BeautyPool Contest proves once more, that a pool not only gives the owner unique moments of enjoyment, well-being and relaxation, but it also makes him extremely proud and wishing to share the beauty of his pool with everybody else.  Thus, the most beautiful pools in Greece are highlighted and their lucky owners and their talent in photography are awarded with great prizes.

Visit BeautyPool and enjoy the photos of this year's Contest winners, which are feast for the eyes.