Ideales Does Not Cooperate with the Firms Creator, Masterpool & Piscinity

July '14
Responding to questions from friends and Customers of Piscines Ideales, we wish to inform you that since October 3, 2012, our company has ceased any commercial partnership  with the firm Creator SA (Greator House) which is based in Thessaloniki. Since that date, that firm hasn’t been supplied with products and equipment for the construction, renovation and maintenance of swimming pools from Piscines Ideales SA.

We are obliged to proceed to this update, due to queries from friends and associates of Piscines Ideales, regarding the supply of products of our company from the above mentioned company.

Furthermore, Piscines Ideales informs its friends and Customers that has never had, or today has any commercial or other cooperation with the firm MasterPool L.T.D. or/and its website, nor with the firm Piscinity and its website

We are obliged to bring this matter to your attention, because in the above web page has been created an illegal link, which associates our company to that firm and specifically the link

We are always at your disposal for any clarification or query.

Ideales Group
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