The owner and holder of PRIVE IDEALES CLUB membership card (hereinafter referred to as "card") unreservedly agrees and accepts that:

1) The card is issued to the holder and owner (hereinafter the "Holder"), upon his request, by the company IDEALES (hereinafter the "Company"), which nevertheless remains in the ownership of the Company throughout the duration of the privilege program.
2) The card is not a credit or debit card. The Holder cannot make any transactions with this card, and they are only entitled to enjoy privileges that will periodically be set and communicated by the Company. The card and the privileges provided by the card cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.
3) The card is activated once the Holder obtains ownership, provided that the latter has previously accepted these terms regarding the use of this card, and has submitted an online application to the Company for the issuing of this card. The card entitles the Holder privileges only for as long as the privileges program is valid, therefore losing its validity automatically in case of cancellation or in any way termination of this program.
4) The benefits of the privilege program, as well as the companies that participate in it, are listed online on the Company site at www.Ideales.gr, and they are communicated to the general public periodically, online through notifications at www.Ideales.gr.
5) The Holder may use the card in every IDEALES store (Company owned or Franchise) regarding the privileges offered by the Company to the Card Holders, if any privileges exist. Also he can use it in the establishments of the companies and firms that are cooperating with the Company and which provide privileges to the Customers of the Company, provided that the Franchisee has contacted and liaised with the company or the firm that offers these privileges - at the contact details provided by the Company online at the url www.Ideales.gr - for any company or firm individually, and under the precondition that these companies and firms are included into the privilege program, according to the specific terms of the program, which will be communicated to the general public through notification at the url www.Ideales.gr.
6) The card is strictly personal. Only the Card Holder can use this card, upon showing his ID card or any other proof of identification. The transfer by any means of the card from the Holder to a third party is prohibited.
7) The Company has the right at any time, to modify or cancel the privilege program and its terms (totally or partially), such as, quite indicatively but without limitation, the duration of the program or the list of specific Company Franchise Stores, and/or the list of companies and/or the list of firms which the privilege program is applied, within its current policy and in its sole discretion, without prior specific update to the Holder and without the need of their consent.
8) The Company has the right to prohibit at all times any further use of the card by the Holder and ask the Holder to return the card to the Company.
9) In case of any modification or cancelling of the privilege program and its conditions or/and modification or cancelling of the terms of use of the card which are subject to condition 7 above, as well as in case of prohibition which is subject to condition 8 above, the Holder has or maintains no claim against the Company on that ground, since by accepting these terms, they acknowledge that this is a privilege program, which will be granted to them solely by the free will of the Company and may at any time be amended or cancelled as above or otherwise, in each case by accepting these terms he resigns of any such claim.
10) The Company is not liable to the Holder for any failure of fulfillment or non-precise fulfillment of obligations of the cooperating companies and/or the companies, which are involved in the privilege program.
11) The Holder is obliged to return the card to the Company on first demand from the latter. Moreover, the Holder is required to look after it, to keep it in good condition and not to transfer it to another person for further use.
12) The Holder must notify the Company of any change of the address and / or the email address that they have stated otherwise the Company will not be responsible for any loss of mail or disruption of communication. Also, the Holder must immediately inform the Company in case of loss or damage of the card.
13) The Company will keep on file and will process the Holder’s personal data within the framework of the current legislation and especially Law 2472/1997, referred to the application for issuing the card, with the sole purpose to support and promote the Company's products as well as the products of the participating to the privilege program companies and firms, without however forwarding these personal data to any third party and specifically excluding any other use of the Holder’s personal data from the Company.
14) The Holder has the right, whenever they wish, to return their card to the Company and to state that they no longer wish to participate in the privilege program of the Company.
15) The card and the privilege program apply only within the Greek territory.